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Summer activities in Serris, the town around Elysée Val d’Europe

On Wednesdays through Sundays from July 10th to August 18th, the town surrounding Elysée Val d’Europe will be hosting the 5th edition of “Bougez votre été !”. The program includes free entertainment, activities for children, adults-only evening celebrations, and lounge chairs and parasols to keep you cool and relaxed.


Sunday July 21st

5pm – 7pm: Board game tournament


Wednesday July 24th

7pm – 8pm: Stretching session


Thursday July 25th

4pm – 5:30pm: Motor function for toddlers

3pm – 8pm: Various activities


Friday July 26th

5pm – 7pm: Self-massage for beginners


Saturday July 27th

8pm – 10pm: Loup Garou (werewolf) night


Sunday July 28th

5pm – 7pm: Badminton tournament


Wednesday July 31st

2pm – 8pm: Afternoon water activities


Thursday August 1st

4pm – 5:30 pm: Board-book-making for toddlers


Friday August 2nd

5pm – 7pm: Parkour


Saturday August 3rd

8pm – 10pm: Music night


Sunday August 4th

5pm – 7pm: Volleyball tournament


Thursday August 8th

10am – noon: Nature fairytales for toddlers

5pm – 7pm: Slacklines


Friday August 9th

5pm – 7pm: Minigolf

7pm – 8pm: Organized walk


Sunday August 11th

5pm – 7pm: Sports tournament


Wednesday August 14th

3pm – 8pm: Jungle


Thursday August 15th

No activities – French bank holiday!


Friday August 16th

7pm – 8pm: Cardio and various sport


Saturday August 17th

5pm – 7pm: Featherball/Shuttlecock

8pm – 10pm: Escape game evening


Sunday August 18th

5pm – 7pm: Closing ceremony and refreshments


Take part in  “Bougez votre été !”: user guide

Activities will be held in the Centre Urbain park in Serries, less than 15 minutes’ walk from the Elysée Val d’Europe hotel. To get there, walk along the Val d’Europe shopping center on the Cours du Danube street. If you have any questions, you can ask our receptionist or visit the town’s official website:!

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