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Closest to the animals

Le Parc des Félins and its neighbour Terre de Singes decided to combine their knowledge and skills under the name « Lumigny Safari Reserve ».

The first is the world specialist of felines, while the second offers a unique experience among macaques and parrots.
These two world-class zoos are located in the heart of the Brie Seine-et-Marnaise.

hear me roar !

Parc des Félins

Come and discover in our park 26 species of felines of the 36 (on) living on our planet. In all, more than 160 felines live here in vast natural enclosures.

monkey kong

Terre de Singes

Located opposite the Parc des Félins, Terre de Singes offers an extraordinary experience.



Lumigny Safari Reserve, 77540 Nesles

25-minute drive from the hotel

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